Following a tense city council meeting, Cumberland Academy will build a second entrance to its high school campus to help alleviate traffic issues.

The traffic issue surrounding Cumberland Academy's high school is not a recent issue. The Tyler Paper reports that concern has been an on-going conversation due to construction preventing traffic flow at the high school's campus.

Norma Cotton, the director of Cumberland Academy, told the Tyler City Council on Wednesday that the school would build a second exit and meet with stakeholders about it within 90 days.

Homeowners in the area have been dealing with numerous frustrations surrounding the traffic, including people driving through their yards, and making u-turns in their driveways. Complaints to their City Councilman John Nix have been shared in previous council meetings.

Resident Dustin Newland said, "I myself have a yard sign that promotes my church that I attend that was ran over and destroyed,” said Newland, who lives on Jeff Davis Drive. “I’ve been cussed. I’ve been flipped off. I had a guy park in my yard under my shade tree."

After much discussion, the council approved a plan to allow the school to refinance debt which should enable them to have the funds to build a second entrance to school.


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