A couple of days ago I wrote about some bizarre election predictions and now it's time to check back in on them to see how accurate they are.

The first bizarre prediction I encountered was - could the outcome of a NFL game could predict who'd win the presidential race. Its known as the Redskins Rule and states if the Washington Redskins win their home game before the election, the party in the office would stay. Well that rule didn't work out this year because the Carolina Panthers beat the Redskins before the election so Mitt Romney should have won but as we all know President Obama was reelected. Turns out this bizarre prediction was NOT TRUE.

The second bizarre prediction dealt with Halloween mask sales. According to the Spirit Halloween Stores, during a presidential election year which ever mask they sold the most, that candidate won the election. This year Obama masks outsold Romney masks by twenty percent. Turns out this bizarre prediction was TRUE.

The third bizarre prediction, school kids predict who'll win The White House. According to the Scholastic News election poll, kids correctly picked the winner of the race 15 out of the last 17 times and this year was no different. They predicted that Obama would win with 51% of the vote. Turns out this bizarre prediction was TRUE.

Check in with other bizarre election predictions to see if they were TRUE or NOT TRUE.

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