Can the outcome of a Washington Redskins NFL game predict who'll win the White House tomorrow night? Apparently so, because the so called Redskins Rule. The rule states that if the Redskins win their home game right before election day the party that's in the house will retain its residency.

The Washington Redskins moved to D.C. in 1940 and the rule has been true 17 out of the last 18 seasons, when a home game happens right before election day. If the rule holds true it appears as if Mitt Romney will be moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in January because the Redskins were beaten by the Carolina Panthers yesterday 21-13.

This is only one of the many bizarre election predictions though. Another bizarre prediction on who'll win the Presidency is through masks sales for Halloween and if you believe this method, it would appear as if Obama will be in for four more years.

Check out more bizarre indicators who'll win the election tomorrow.

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