The premise of an escape room is pretty simple, ESCAPE A LOCKED ROOM! Sounds pretty simple, but they can be extremely challenging and there are three of these businesses in Tyler just waiting for you, your friends and co-workers to escape one of their many rooms!

All you need to do is be willing to be locked up in a small group or large team to see if you all can figure your way out of the theme or scenario that you've been placed in before the timer runs out!  Each of these escape rooms have a specific theme with the room being filled with clues to help those trapped inside make their way out or to help find a clue to where the key or combination is to get out!

Often times, these rooms are reserved for companies to use as team building and bonding experiences for their employees. Many of the escape rooms are themed too!

I'm just thinking, if I were locked in a room with the other radio dj's within our group of stations here in Tyler, would we really make it out?!  I'm not sure, but I sure would try it though!

  • One Way Out via Facebook
    One Way Out via Facebook

    One Way Out

    Located in Tyler on Hwy. 155 South (between Loop 323 and Grande Blvd.), this escape facility offers five different escape rooms including the 'One Way Out Mobile' room and several of which are kid and family friendly.

  • Tyler Escape Room via Facebook
    Tyler Escape Room via Facebook

    Tyler Escape Room

    Located in Tyler on University Blvd. (near UT Tyler), this escape facility offers you many different and challenging puzzles to solve in order to figure out how to get out!

  • Get Out Escape Room via Facebook
    Get Out Escape Room via Facebook

    Get Out Escape Room

    Located on Specialty Drive, this escape facility offers you five different scenarios to be a part of and to escape from including a time machine room, a hostage situation, a casino room, sports room and the graveyard to escape from. They also have a kid friendly version as well.

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