Did you even know that if you have an EBT Card/SNAP Benefits you can use it on Amazon.com's online grocery stores? I have heard that some in some states people are able to use their EBT cards to order groceries from Walmart.

I verified that you are able to use your food stamp card in the Amazon.com, Amazon Fresh, and Amazon Pantry grocery stores. Certain areas will even allow you to have groceries delivered to your home, thus promoting the popular "stay safe, stay home" mantra of the moment.

I actually know someone close to me who has just been accepted to receive SNAP  benefits but she is scared to use it online. I certainly understand her apprehension she is not used to being on food stamps, and also because anything you do online these days can be hacked. I reassured her that if other people are using their EBT card on Amazon, she should be good to go, too.

Using your food stamp card to buy certain groceries is only available right now in a handful of states*. Texas is being added to a pilot program allowing it, Kentucky, and Missouri states to join the ranks of using USDA-approved food stamp benefits for online grocery shopping. That Lone Star Card is about to get mileage on the wheels, so to speak!

From what I hear, if you want to use your food stamp benefits on Amazon.com you might first want to download the EBT app to keep up with your remaining balance.

*Amazon grocery access with SNAP/EBT is available for use in Washington, California, Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Iowa, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Arizona, Nebraska, and Alabama.

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