It's never too early to be prepared.

As the Boy Scouts motto goes, Be Prepared, and now is a time that you'll want to be preparing. Earlier in the week it looked like the Texas and Louisiana coast lines were going to get pounded by two Category 1 hurricanes, Marco and Laura. However, Marco was quickly downgraded to a tropical depression and is currently moving inland toward Houston from Louisiana.

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Now Tropical Storm Laura is on a different and more destructive path towards the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast lines. The National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service are predicting that Laura could become a Category 3 storm before making landfall Wednesday evening into Thursday morning. Currently the models have the storm moving inland to the east of the Texas - Louisiana state line and riding up towards Shreveport before it makes a right hand turn over southern Arkansas toward the Carolinas. But with any storm, the path can deviate quite a bit.

If you're currently in the path of the storm or in the cone of possibility, it's important that you take some steps and get prepared just in case you need to evacuate or lose power for a period of time.

Here are some hacks for storm preparation, useful tips and items you'll need just in case you have to evacuate because of Hurricane Laura.

Hacks For Storm Preparation

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