Did you make a new year's resolution this year? Have you been able to stick with it, or have you struggled with changing your habits?

Most people really struggle to make lasting change. Do you?

Have you taken a look at what's holding you back? Tony Robbins says it's a simple answer, fear. How you do you overcome it?

He says, do it afraid... I don't believe here he's referring to jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. Unless, that airplane happens to be parked on a runway, but that's another story.

We all fear we are not enough. Whatever enough applies to you. It's different for all of us, right? Robbins says it's human nature, but the answer is do it anyway.

Make a plan, and take action. Don't let the analysis paralysis set in. You've got to take action. He talks about how important momentum is, and that when you allow fear to stop you, you must rebuild your momentum to start each time.

Make a plan, and work the plan. Get it done, and enjoy the progress. As Robbins says, progress is where you'll find happiness.

He goes on to say the quickest way to change the way you feel is to change your physical state. Stand up, put your hands on your hips like superman or wonder woman. Take the power pose and smile. Does it sound silly? Yes, but it works. Tony tells you why in the video.

If you're feeling stuck, it's worth the watch.

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