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If you didn't realize it, after listening to Dr. Oz you'll quickly realize that he has a wealth of knowledge on just about everything.

Today Dr. Oz talks about playing 'full contact' Jeopardy with his son and then J-Si reveals the full contact game that Kellie and Ana play, Throw Throw Burrito! He talks about what's coming up on his show this week including the readily available COVID-19 vaccine shot that is out there right now for pretty much all of the country. The biggest challenge is finding a place where you can get the shot because all the distribution sites are ran by different entities. One place online to check for availability, according to Dr. Oz, is local Facebook and Twitter groups. Dr. Oz talks about the effectiveness of the vaccine and the need for a booster shot. He doesn't necessarily agree with some of data that's out there.

Dr. Oz will be talking with Jeff Lowe of 'Tiger King' fame and his feeling of his drinks being spiked at a local casino and suffering from a stroke on his way home.

One thing you'll learn is that Dr. Oz is a tequila aficionado and he reveals the secret to which mixed drinks will give you hangovers and which ones are the least likely to do it. Very interesting!

Part Time Justin reveals he saw something of Dr. Oz's in the store and he ends up hooking Kellie up with the product that Part Time Justin saw in the store!

Listen to "Dr. Oz Calls The Show!" on Spreaker.

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