The hazing continues for the cheating Houston Astros.

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Will I ever stop writing these stories about fans taunting the Astros? Nope, it's too fun not to. Especially since MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred basically said this is why he didn't suspend any player. He said the players associated with this scandal will have a collective walk of shame throughout their career and that is a punishment in itself. Which is true, heckle away at the cheaters.


Last night, was the first time that Dodgers fans got to seek revenge on the Houston Astros. In case you do not remember, it was the Dodgers that lost to the Astros in the World Series during their cheating scandal season. The scandal was revealed in 2019 and this was the first series since then. Dodgers fans set an MLB record for the 2021 season in attendance last night, with a crowd of 52,692.


A big part of the cheating scandal was the infamous trash can that someone would bang on to let them know what pitch was coming. Obviously a big trashcan would not be permitted in the stadium. However, an inflatable one is just fine and several Dodgers fans brought them to the game last night.

Several cheater chants were echoed through the stadium last night, along with some fans tossing those inflatable trashcans onto the field. A big reason for that was the Dodgers getting killed in the game. They were shutout 3-0 and 13 Dodgers struck out in the game. I don't agree with throwing things on the field, but I think those inflatable trashcans should be a giveaway for every Astros away game for the next decade.

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