It's officially Spring in Texas and that means things are springing back to life or in some animal cases being born into life. That also means that with Easter right around the corner you might be thinking of getting a cute baby animal for your kids but is that really a great idea?


Easter is the time of eggs, chocolate, and new beginnings and that sometimes has people thinking of new pets for their kids. It's been a constant theme every Easter that bunnies, chicks, and ducks are perfect holiday pets to get your kids because they practically raise themselves. That is actually false and even though they are considered outdoor pets they actually take a lot of responsibility sometimes more so than a dog or cat. Why should parents avoid getting these little critters though because couldn't they just release them into the wild?

Be Free...Not

Releasing bunnies and ducks into the wild that you have cared is actually a bad idea because these animals are domesticated and will almost surely not make it. That means they will become food for any type of predator or get injured/killed by something. Also most ducks that are received as Easter gifts and released will most likely drown if they try to enter a pond or playa lake. While letting chickens go anywhere seems like it would be a blessing to any one who finds the poultry it's actually a very big nuisance because they are usually skittish or have bad roosting habits.

New Home?

While you could also rehome the Easter pets it's honestly easier to just not get any animals for your kids this Easter holiday. That's because it's difficult to find people who will properly care for these animals the way they are meant to be. Also if you see any chicks or bunnies that are hot pink, blue, green or any other non natural color then avoid those because they could get you in trouble. Did you ever receive an Easter chick, duck or bunny as a gift? Let us know!

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