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The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show's favorite doctor is back and telling KiddNation that the end is near.

Dr. Oz opens the interview by talking about his Thanksgiving and how he has two chefs in the family so he doesn't have to cook. He reveals tips on a new way to prepare your turkey for Thanksgiving next year or for Christmas dinner in a few weeks and this new way will not leave your bird to dry out when its in the oven. A great tip by the way.

J-Si discovered a list of the five things you should never microwave:

  • raw kale
  • raw eggs
  • break
  • frozen meat
  • face masks

Dr. Oz reveals something very interesting about raw kale and why you wouldn't want to ever nuke that in the microwave. He also gives us some tip on what you should microwave though. He also gives us a tip on microwaving almonds in the microwave along with other nuts.

He also addresses the worry about microwaving food in plastic containers. Before wrapping up with the morning show, Dr. Oz talks about the vaccine that is trying be approved by the government. He says we're almost at the finish line, but we shouldn't let our guard down now. We know the rules and should continue to abide by them.

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