It seems like EVERYBODY wants to move to Texas. We already know that Californians are moving here in droves and they're bringing their "In-N-Out's" and avocado toasts with them but now we have another company that wants to move to Texas and the invasion is on.

We Told You Last Year They Were Coming....


The company announced back in June of 2021 that they were planning to launch three franchise restaurants, and 15 corporate locations across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in an press release. 

But Now They Want MORE Texas Cities....

Now the Charlotte, North Carolina based chicken joint has announced plans to move into Central Texas with plans to open five locations in the Austin area in the coming years and more locations in San Antonio as well. While no details were given about the Austin move, according to KSAT, Bojangles will partner with San Antonio-based Copacetic Group LLC to open locations on the northeast side of the city in the coming years.

Bojangles Plans To Open 50 Locations In Texas.

While there's still no word yet on if they plan on coming to the East Texas area, be warned that folks in the Southeast region of the country are just as fanatical about Bo's as we are about "Whataburger".

What Are They Famous For??


According to Eater Austin, Bojangles is described as:

...known for its craveable Cajun fried chicken (which is also available in sandwich and tender forms) and fluffy biscuits. Rounding out the menu are biscuits and biscuit sandwiches with chicken, sausages, and eggs (breakfast items are available all day long; salads; and sides ranging from seasoned fries, dirty rice, Cajun pinto beans, mashed potatoes with gravy, and tubs of spicy pimento cheese spread. Desserts include berry and cinnamon biscuits.

I've tried Bojangle's myself on one of my trips to the East Coast and honestly, I wasn't impressed at all. But my East Coast and Deep South friends swear by it so I'm willing to give it another shot. Now the question is, Who's next?

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