An East Texas woman posted online about her experience in Jacksonville, Texas as a Door "Dasher."

My interest was immediately piqued for a couple of reasons. First of all, having spent years working as a server through college and living primarily on the tips I would (or not) receive, what she said resonated with me and I felt her plight.

I also was curious how it is that people who order via Door Dash on a quite regular basis (like me) could in any way feel it is acceptable to order food, knowing that a real, live human being is getting in their car, going to get our food, and bringing it to us---and then not receiving a tip.

This is especially stunning right now because more East Texans are wondering how they're gonna make ends meet.

The woman's name is Megan Bailey. She graciously agreed to let me share her story with you. She works as a Door Dash Driver and recently shared a screenshot of a delivery request she received. The trip would require 8 miles of driving, AFTER picking up the order from the restaurant. The total amount she'd earn after her efforts?

$3.54 ...Really?

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Photo courtesy of Megan Bailey
Photo courtesy of Megan Bailey

Granted, there may be a few people living under rocks that don't fully realize how crucial these tips are for those making the deliveries.

Dear people who still don't understand: When it comes to those who work in service fields--ESPECIALLY food service--they basically live on those tips.

Some people think it isn't their responsibility to pay the employees of a company once they've set their food prices. However, it isn't the employee's fault that the structure of our food service industry is set up the way it is. Perhaps that's something that needs to be discussed.

However, we shouldn't punish the people who bring us our Crumbl cookies and Taco Bell when we don't feel like getting out of the house by leaving them high and dry.

Look, if we can't afford to tip our Door Dash Drivers, then we can't afford Door Dash. And we can't afford to go out to eat, either.

I mean no insult here. I've been there on various occasions. And I don't need to Door Dash every day. It's obviously a luxury and a supreme convenience to have someone deliver your food to your door.

Some of those commenting on her post shared their own stories of Door Dash Driving. They told tales of being asked to drive out to a destination, after being promised a cash tip upon arrival, only to be left with nothing.

Other people who order from Door Dash said they like to wait and tip after they receive their orders to make sure it is right and that it even shows up at all. I can understand that. Unfortunately, not everyone follows through on that promise.

Bottom line, y'all. If you're going to go out to eat or order from Door Dash, please remember that these delivery drivers are our fellow East Texans and neighbors who are working hard to care for their own families, too. Think about that next time you bite into that third Crumbl cookie within an hour. (Or is that just me?)

Otherwise, get in the car, buy some groceries, and cook at home. (Like I'm planning on doing this very evening.)

Have you worked as a Door Dash driver or with one of the other delivery companies? I'd love to hear about your experience. Shoot an email to 

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