How many times have you looked out the window on a beautiful day and wanted to escape work or school to go outside and play?

It may not be all about play for students at one Texas school, but at least they'll get to spend some time outside in the gorgeous fall weather, in their new outdoor classroom. They just launched a new butterfly garden too.

Peavy Primary students have a new outdoor classroom in Hudson, which is part of a program called project learning tree which actually covers all fifty states and has the goal of providing more hands-on environmental learning. Wish we'd had that growing up.

The students will have recess outside, AND class sometimes. Cool! If they come home after school and still complain that they're stir crazy, parents will know they're fibbin'.

We wonder if more schools will add outdoor classrooms in the future. And can we get the boss to add some outdoor cubicles? We don't want to spend much time outside in July and August in Texas, but today looks like a great day to fire up the laptop and work outside.