As miserable as this week is, was and will be, we need to find a giggle or two to help us get through it. I've been right there with you through this with very few hours with power. I've tried my best to take advantage when it has been on. But right now, staying under multiple blankets has been my warmth.

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It's only Tuesday and we've got one more storm to deal with before we can finally thaw out this weekend. If you have company while we're hunkered down, take some time to laugh and make the time has enjoyable as possible. That will help pass the time and keep everyone's spirits up.

I find a laugh or two scrolling through my social media feeds and seeing various memes. I've seen quite a few dealing with the current Winter storm over us. Take a look at some of them below to hopefully get a good laugh out of them like I did.

There are two big benefits of being able to laugh - you will burn calories and it helps reduce anxiety and negative emotions. That's good especially during the times when the power is out. It can be extremely disheartening during that time. Getting a big laugh out of everyone can make them feel better and make the situation look less bleak.

I hope these memes can bring some laughter to you and your family and help make this ominous weather a little less scary. Or, if you have power, put on Disney's Frozen and sing along.

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