As we endure the 2021 East Texas snowpocalypse, I can't help but think some of this is my fault. You see, one of my favorite movies is The Day After Tomorrow, a disaster movie about a new ice age that sets in across the world. I just haaad to watch it when it came on TV Saturday night.

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If you've never seen The Day After Tomorrow, it's a good watch. It stars Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal, two actors who never disappoint in their respective movies. The movie starts with some weird temperature changes registered in the ocean and turns into three massive storms that brings bitterly cold air to the entire Northern hemisphere of the Earth.

I knew this was a big storm coming in. I didn't realize the effect it would have on us. Everyone without power, I'm actually writing this during one of those rare times the power is on. The bitter cold, I've never experienced these temperatures in my entire life living in East Texas. The piles of snow that's staying, when we have had a snow event, it usually lasts 24 hours and gone like we had in January.

You see, when you have no power and all you can do is stay under blankets and entertain yourself with your own brain, this is the kind of stuff you think about. East Texas, I'm sorry that I haaaad to watch one of my favorite disaster movies, The Day After Tomorrow. I will make sure to not do that again leading up to a big storm.

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