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Snow is beautiful!

It's been several years since East Texas experienced a snow storm like we did on Sunday, January 10th. It had been forecasted for a week or so and there were some skeptics that didn't believe we would get as much as we did. East Texas received quite a bit of snow, anywhere from a dusting in our far northern counties to more than 5" in our southern counties. The storm was even given a name by The Weather Channel, Winter Storm Lana.

For me, the snow began falling lightly around 12:30 p.m. in south Tyler and quickly picked up and didn't stop falling until sometime after 11 p.m. A snow storm is so peaceful, because you look out and see this white stuff falling from the sky and if you're away from city traffic you hear nothing. It's like a dead silence that is so peaceful. Unlike raindrops that you hear hit the rooftop, the outdoor barbecue grill or patio. Snow is silent and peaceful.

What's funny to me about this snow storm is that a week before Christmas we took our first winter vacation to Steamboat Springs, Colorado and we were there for four days. Yesterday we received more snow in 12 hours than Steamboat received the entire four days we were there! Of course with as much snow as we received my daughter and I got dressed in our snow gear and went in the back yard with the dog and had a great time throwing snowballs and building a huge snowman that ended up falling over!

Throughout the day on our social media feeds and station apps, we asked for you to send in some of your snow pics and y'all submitted some beautiful shots. Thank you for that. Here are some of the pics we received.

East Texas Snow Storm 2021

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