School is the farthest thing from the minds of East Texas students right now. They are more focused on gaming, chatting with their friends, cooling off in the pool and just being lazy. While they're not looking forward to school starting back up in August, local school districts are frantically searching to fill open teaching positions within their campuses.

Teaching can be a stressful and rewarding career at the same time. Teachers have to deal with many different personalities within their classrooms while maintaining balance and harmony among their students while teaching them all at the same time.

Teachers often feel a sense of accomplishment when their students grasp the concepts they are being taught and to see them receive a passing grade in their class. As a teacher, they are shaping and forming the next generation of business tycoons, trade workers, leaders, and politicians.

With the 2024-2025 school year quickly approaching school districts across East Texas are searching for teachers to fill open positions. Districts, both large and small have vacancies to fill.

These aren't the only East Texas school districts with open positions, they all have them.  Do a quick Google search of the ISD and click on employment from any of their home pages to see a list of open positions.

Districts aren't just looking for math, history, science, and English teachers. They are also looking to fill:

  • coaching positions
  • special education instructors
  • specialized trades instructors
  • administrative
  • office staff
  • nursing
  • counselors
  • police officers
  • maintenance
  • groundskeeping
  • cafeteria
  • bus drivers and monitors

These local school districts are looking for caring people to enter the world of education and teach the youth of today so that they can become the great leaders of tomorrow. They are looking to fill all of their openings before the first bell rings later in August.

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