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There's nothing more beautiful than a fully decorated Christmas tree that is all lit up for the holidays.

Once our artificial tree is pulled out of the attic, unboxed, then fully assembled and decorated, I can sit back and gaze at it for hours. I can get lost in the twinkling of the lights and looking at all of the handcrafted ornaments that my daughter, wife and I have created throughout the years. My fingers are crossed with this statement - I've been blessed throughout the last three years in the fact that all the lights work on the tree after assembling and decorating it. But that wasn't the case three years ago. Our previous tree was only three years old when two-thirds of the lights decided not to work and I had to go out and replace it.

Let's hope that when you go to assemble and decorate your artificial tree, everything goes as planned and it all lights up (if it's a pre-lit tree), because if it doesn't, you'll most likely be headed to the store to buy another one.

Purchase that artificial tree now, while there's stock.

Now if you have to replace that artificial tree or you were going to replace it already, it's going to cost you more this year. Up to 25% more, according to Business Insider and The Wall Street Journal. There are several factors that are driving up the cost of the artificial tree this year:

  • shipping crisis
  • shipping costs
  • pandemic shut downs
  • worker shortages

This price hike isn't just affecting the price of artificial Christmas trees but the many thousands of decorations and lights that go on them. So, bottom line is, if you're even remotely thinking about getting an artificial tree this year you'll want to get it early or hold off and piece your current one together with what you have and hope that the prices go down next year.

It's not just artificial trees, there's a price hike in real trees too.

This price increase is attributed to less mature trees and fewer workers harvesting them, plus, there could be a shortage of real trees like there was last year. So as you're out this weekend purchasing your pumpkins and fall and Halloween decorations and you see a good-looking artificial tree, you just might want to snag it too before it's gone.

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