This is the year that Dallas Cowboys fans have been waiting for. The year where injuries don't destroy the team, the year where the defense is stepping up to it's full potential, the team is really playing well right now. Sitting at 5-1 on easily resting on top of the NFC East division with all other teams struggling to do much of anything. All of this excitement is why you're seeing so many videos of Dallas Cowboys and their fans getting excited about what is yet to come.

There is no doubt about it, the Dallas Cowboys have the most exciting defensive player in the NFL right now in Trevon Diggs. The man has already tied an NFL record this year with seven interceptions in six games, the only other person to do this is Steelers Hall of Famer Rod Woodson.

Coach McCarthy Has The Cowboys Offense Looking Great

When looking at the success of the Cowboys so far you have to begin with Dak Prescott, the guy is a true leader and helps the players around him perform at their highest level. Zeke and Tony Pollard have been running the ball well, and CeeDee Lamb is looking like he will soon be one of the best Wide Receiver's in the NFL.

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Here Are the Dallas Cowboys Videos That Will Get You Excited for the Future

With the Cowboys playing such good football right now you're seeing both players and fans posting videos about the season. One things is for sure, Cowboys fans are fired up about the potential of a Super Bowl Winning Season.

Just look at these videos:

CeeDee Lamb after the win...

@dallascowboys“We got ANOTHA ☝️” - CeeDee Lamb #NYGvsDAL #DallasCowboys

♬ original sound - Dallas Cowboys

Team prayer...

@dallascowboyscl1psDak and Dallas Cowboys pray before season opener. #dallascowboys #dak #nfl #ShowYourGlow #36SecondsOfLightWork ♬ original sound - Dallas Cowboys

Coach McCarthy's Winning Speech (language)...

@dallascowboyscl1ps#victorymonday #dallascowboys ♬ original sound - Dallas Cowboys

Strip Sack by Randy Gregory...

@dallascowboyscl1psWHAT. A. SACK. #victorymonday #dallascowboys ♬ original sound - Dallas Cowboys

Trevon Diggs doing what Trevon does....

@dallascowboyscl1psAnother look at this pic 6 by Diggs. His 7 pic in the past 6 games. 2 of the being pic 6’s. #dallascowboys ♬ original sound - Dallas Cowboys

CeeDee Lamb with the game winner...

@dallascowboyscl1ps#dallascowboys ♬ original sound - Dallas Cowboys

Zeke with Cody Johnson as the soundtrack...

@dallascowboyscl1psMathew 10:22 #dallascowboys ♬ By Your Grace - Cody Johnson

Dak getting his team ready to play...

@dallascowboyscl1psLFG. #dallascowboys ♬ original sound - Dallas Cowboys

The Defense is hitting hard...

@pghjaySo the Cowboys defense is full of menaces this year !! #dallascowboys #dakprescott #nfl #nflfootball #pghjay ♬ original sound - Pgh Jay

Dak being a true leader...

@omar#DakPrescott had an elite #NFL workout before the #DallasCowboys game! @NFL @Dallas Cowboys ♬ NFL on FOX Theme [Karaoke Version] - Instrumental King
Do you think this is the season that the Cowboys hang another championship banner inside AT&T Stadium?

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