See, in my opinion, the only problem with Crumbl Cookie is trying decide which cookie flavor is my favorite. Because frankly, they all are.

THAT's likely why Longview, Texas residents are THRILLED to hear that Crumbl Cookie is set to opening later this month.

We heard they were coming back in September of 2021. But you know how these things go. You hear something is coming. Then it turns out it was just a hopeful rumor. Or you think it is set to open one date...only to find out there has been a delay.

And yes, the rumors are still flying. However, there seems to be a general consensus that the date it was set to open was 1/21. Y'all--THIS FRIDAY!! However, a couple of others responded and said due to varying circumstances, it could likely be the first week of February. Either way, it's definitely coming to Longview. And it's coming very soon.

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As aforementioned in a previous article from the Longview News-Journal, " a building permit application to the city of Longview shows the store is planning to renovate the space at 3098 N. Eastman Road, Suite 108, for an estimated construction value of $223,410."

For those unfamiliar with that address, that's one of the spaces in a strip shopping center, know as Longview Towne Crossing, right in front of the Kohl's.

Do you have a favorite Crumbl cookie yet? I have a feeling you're going to have as much trouble picking one as we have. Obviously the milk chocolate chip is divine. But so are some of their other signature flavors like: banana bread, waffle, and of course, that classic sugar cookie with the magical pink frosting. OMG.

Here. This may help. Here are some helpful videos from the offical Crumbl TikTok channel to help you decide:

Because, as you can see, picking the "best" cookie is practically impossible.



@crumblcookies What’s the BEST cookie at Crumbl? Are you new here? #TasteWeekly#CrumblCookies#Crumbl#FYP♬ original sound - Crumbl Cookies
But it's certainly fun trying... Here's some more delightful options to consider. For example, here are some of the seasonal flavors for this week that'll make us all hope that store opens in a HURRY:

@crumblcookies PEANUT BUTTER FT. REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUP | ROCKY ROAD | FUNFETTI | CARAMEL POPCORN #Crumbl#CrumblCookies#FYP♬ original sound - Crumbl Cookies


And Y'ALL...they also have their own ICE CREAM. Take a look at Crumbl Cream:

@crumblcookies Here’s the SCOOP: Crumbl Cream is BACK! #CrumblCream#Crumbl#CrumblCookies#FYP♬ original sound - Crumbl Cookies
Thank goodness they're opening soon. In the meantime, we can enjoy them vicariously through these videos. Enjoy. ;)

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