"East Texas' Most Jacked-Up Boat for Sale Is an EYESORE"...I called myself looking for the most jacked-up boat for sale on Craigslist so that I could write about it, but instead, I found myself "oohing" and "ahhing" over a bunch of boats that I cannot even afford! Makes me wish I could win the lottery so that I'd have a huge stash of cash so I can buy myself a big boat!

Doing a little window-shopping on Craigslist, I found everything from a "Museum-like showroom condition, Collectors edition" 2007 Donzi Carroll Shelby 22 Classic for $115,000...to

screenshot via East TX Craigslist.org

a 2018 Basscat Caracal, for around $50,000.

screenshot via Deep TX Craigslist.org

a 2019 Everglades considered a "luxury boat (that) is set up for family day cruises, Vacation or serious fishing days" for $399,000. They had me at DAY CRUISES!

screenshot via Dallas Craigslist.org

a 2004 Outerlimits boat for $180,000. This one is my favorite because of the color scheme! Yesss! You'll have to drive to Dallas to get it, though.

screenshot via Dallas Craigslist.org

Last but certainly not least, check out this 2006 Motoryacht for $119,000! 

screenshot via Yakima Craigslist.org

I know what you're saying, if I'm going to invest in this kind of a purchase, I had better get myself a boat trailer first and then find a place to store the boat. There are a few places in town that you can stash your boat: Storage Center on 110 South in Tyler or Pack Rat Storage in Whitehouse. I am sure there are others but I don't know of them. Where do you recommend?

With my kind of budget, the biggest boat I'm going to get for my buck is a beat-up old kayak for $65. I guess I had better start saving up!