TV shows are great at making sure we always know what season it is. It's especially noticeable right now with daytime talk shows as we fully transition into fall. The sets are nicely decorated with fall colors, flowers, and vases, and sometimes we can see real live trees and autumn-colored leaves through the windows. It's very cozy, and makes you want to put on a sweater and sip some chai tea while you're watching. The hosts have even been known to dress in fall-colored attire.

Have you noticed the leaves turning yet around East Texas?

Horticulturists say the best colors have yet to arrive. It usually happens in late October, but it could be early November this year because the dry summer and late rains. What East Texas city will the best color display?

Mineola Nature Preserve is expected to be pretty brilliant this fall. It's near the Sabine River, and there are plenty of trees which provide ample opportunities for the red, orange, and brown displays. Families looking for a great backdrop for the kids will flock there to take pictures.

In Tyler, of course beauty awaits every October at the Rose Garden.

We really are lucky to live in a place where there is so much great scenery! There's no reason our Facebook pages should be idle with all of these great photo opps.