A multi-racial family of four from Spokane went camping in Forks, WA, on Wednesday, June 3rd, and as they were coming out of a Forks grocery store, they were surrounded by 8 cars of angry locals with guns, reportedly accused the family of being 'ANTIFA'. Someone in that town also blocked their camping site escape with a bunch of fallen trees so that they couldn't leave. Was this a case of racism or was it a case of local townspeople exacting revenge (on an innocent family) over differing political ideologies? You be the judge.

Imagine that you are a dad who decides take your family camping in the woods for a couple of days. You just want everyone to get away from all the chaos happening in the world around you.

You look all over the house and in the garage for all your camping equipment and supplies, and you ask your wife and your 16-year-old daughter to gather up delicious camp food and treats.
You check in on your mom to see if she wants to go on the great camping escape with you. She says yes!

Perfect! Now, you grab the keys to your "school bus" recreational vehicle that you use for camp travels, and you load all the camping stuff in there.

It's time to leave your home in Spokane, Washington, and hit the road! Woohoo!
Your GPS is working good and it leads you to the camping destination, Sitkum Sol Duc Road (known to locals as the "A Road"). Before you all head to the camping spot, you stop at the local grocery store, Forks Outfitters Thriftway, for a few camping odds and ends. You pay for your items and then you all head back to the bus.

Lo and behold, when you get to your vehicle, you see about 8 cars surrounding it! There's a bunch of angry people by those cars, and some of them even have ASSAULT RIFLES. What in the world do they want with YOU?!

Turns out, they think you are part of "ANTIFA" and they were ready to either chase you out of town or kill you. How in the heck did they think you were part of a political activist group, you will never understand! You just came here for camping!

You suddenly have a huge pit in your stomach because you know in your gut that those men hate you because they think you are part of a militant opposition group.

You manage to get those crazy locals off your case and you and your family get into the bus and leave. You set up your campsite and enjoy the rest of the night. The next morning as you all get to the main road to leave, you see that someone has deliberately trapped you by felling some trees to block your exit.

You somehow manage to get rescued by 4 teenagers who just so happened to be nearby and ran to grab chainsaws to help you escape. Your school bus mysteriously breaks down along the road, so you call 9-1-1 for help.

This horrifying story happened to a family just this past Wednesday. It angers me to the bone. Please talk to your kinfolk and friends and tell them to elevate their minds into the 21st Century. Tell them to stop being bullies and to mind their own business and let people enjoy their lives (and camping trips) in peace.

Then again, maybe this tale was a simple case of running into the family of THE CULLENS!

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