The first thing I heard this morning when coming into the station was "Man, they crashed a lot of Chargers in that movie!" That comment came from our production director Chris Dyer. He took his son to see the Fast Five over the weekend and said it was great but hopes that all the crashes were computer generated and not real because if it was real, " man they wasted a lot of Chargers!" Chris and his son helped push Fast Five to the #1 spot at the movies this past weekend. The rest of the top 5 after the jump.1. Fast Five, $83.6 million
2. Rio, $14.4 million
3. Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family, $10.1 million
4. Water for Elephants, $9.1 million
5. Prom, $5 million

Just in case you have no idea what the Fast Five is all about it's the 5th installment of The Fast And The Furiuos franchise. Here's the preview.