This woman has been training for this moment for years.

Most people who engage in mixed martial arts training do it in hopes of winning a few organized matches along the way. But it’s also nice to have those skills in case all hell breaks loose.

And all hell broke loose inside a Dallas Mexican restaurant.

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I have no earthly idea what led up to the brawl in the below video. My best guess is that someone had too much to drink and was kindly asked to leave. Just kidding. That security guard doesn’t strike me as being someone who does much of anything kindly.

Instead, she probably told the guy in the white shirt at the beginning of the video to get the hell out of there and he made the mistake of challenging her authority.

Watch and laugh as she gives homeboy a right hook to the face and then a good old-fashioned body kick on the way out the door. But she ain’t done there.

A woman standing at the bar decides to throw a fist at the security guard who, of course, quickly responds with a right hook to the chin. But our hero still isn’t done kicking ass and taking names.

She quickly surveys her surroundings before giving the guy in the white shirt a swift kick in the ass on the way out the door.

A woman that can fight like that might intimidate most guys, but not me. Oh no. That’s marrying material right there.

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