Every year, Michigan's Lake Superior State University asks people which words and phrases have been so overused that they should be essentially banished from the English language.

Tired of the phrase "Fiscal Cliff?" That makes the new list. What about "boneless wings?"

The new list was released Monday, and we'll post all of the words that should be banished, according to Lake Superior State University. See if you agree.

First, let's review some of last year's words that made the should-be-banished list to see if they faded in popularity over time. Last year's list of words and phrases that grated on nerves included: amazing, baby bump, shared sacrifice, epic fail, winning, ginormous, and man cave. Some of those may have faded, but the term baby bump seems hotter than ever, thanks in part to Jessica Simpson and Shakira baring their bellies in recent weeks.

Fiscal Cliff
Kick the Can Down the Road
Double Down
Job Creator
YOLO (stands for You Only Live Once)
Boneless Wings (one guy just wants to call them chicken pieces)
Bucket List

How could they forget "Hot Mess?" Any others you can think of?

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