Florence + The Machine only just dropped their latest LP last year (How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful) and wrapped their How Beautiful Tour with Grimes a few weeks ago, but the troupe's already dropping new music. And for fellow Final Fantasy nerds, it's a crossover dream.

If you're a fan of the franchise and/or the band, you've likely already heard Florence Welch and company's gorgeous orchestral cover of the classic "Stand By Me" in the Final Fantasy XV trailer first unveiled earlier this year.

"It's one of the greatest songs of all time," Welch said of her "Stand By Me" cover in a making-of video. "You can't really improve on it...it was just about bringing it into the world of Florence + The Machine and the world of Final Fantasy."

But the "Spectrum" troupe's done more than just the one song for the video game series, of which the latest installment is due out on September 30 — three songs, in fact.

Songs from Final Fantasy XV, out today (August 12), includes Florence's "Stand By Me" cover, as well as two original songs: "Too Much Is Never Enough" and "I Will Be." The collection was recorded at Air Studios with producer Emile Haynie.

"Too Much" is full of rich orchestral drama and those signature, shiver-inducing howls delivered straight from the depths of Florence's soul, while "I Will Be" is a nearly instrumental slow build of emotional sound. It's a heaven-sent set, truly.

Listen to Songs on Apple Music and Spotify below.

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