The good ole "Rumor Mill." East Texans love to give it a spin. It's when those rumors get posted in the various town focused Facebook groups that bring those rumors to almost truth level. The thing about rumors is there is two distinct sides to them with no gray area in between, they are either fun or they can be very dangerous. I am going to chalk this one up to the fun side of the rumor coin as it involves an East Texas town that is very often at the center of rumors, my hometown of Lindale, and a popular steakhouse.

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Long Time Rumors in Lindale

I was born and raised in Lindale. I was very young and really don't remember the rumor, but did hear about it later on in life, of Disney building some kind of theme park in Lindale. Ask any lifelong resident of Lindale and they'll tell you. The other big rumor for a long time is of Buc-ee's building a store in Lindale. We've also heard the rumors of Target (which makes sense since a Target distribution center is in Lindale), Costco and H-E-B. Jimmy Johns was a popular rumor for a bit to be coming to the old KFC/Long John Silvers building. Turns out, T-Mobile is there now.

Texas Roadhouse Rumor

The latest rumor getting some traction in my hometown is of Texas Roadhouse building a restaurant. Where it could be built is certainly up for debate. In the Heads Up Lindale Facebook group, many believe if it does happen it could be around the Highway 69 and Interstate 20 corridor. One commenter suggested behind QuikTrip. It would be a little awkward to get to because there is only a one way service road in that area but could still be feasible.

Mostly people were just confused about how this rumor started in the first place or if it would be on the north or south side of I-20 since the south side is technically in Tyler 's taxable area.

No matter. This is a fun rumor that could be pretty cool if it does come true.

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