These guys are lucky to be alive. 

A security camera video shows a couple of men at SWEAT Gym in Dallas sitting next to the wall the moment a car crashed through it last Friday (March 29).  

One of the men was knocked out of the way by the impact, while the other man was carried across the gym on the hood of the car before becoming pinned underneath it.

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When I first watched the footage, I thought the man who was pinned under the car was seriously injured. And while he was injured, he was able to get up and limp away.  

The other man appeared to be much more seriously injured as we never see him get up off the floor. Instead, he stayed down, writhing in pain. 

WFAA reports one of the men was treated for injuries on the scene, the other was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries. 

The cause of the wreck has not been released as of this posting. The incident is currently under police investigation.

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