In case you’re wondering just how seriously we take our barbecue here in the Lone Star State. 

Everyone who has ever fired up a smoker knows that first of all, you have to keep a close eye on that bad boy. Also, it’s perfectly fine to consume copious amounts of beer at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning as long as you’re smoking meat.

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Anyway, back to keeping a close eye on your smoker. 

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you know you nailed it and got the meat just right. On the flip side, there’s nothing like the humiliation of serving up dry meat because you got distracted and let it go for too long. 

And my man in the below video knows exactly what I’m talking about. 

Everyone who has ever spent time driving around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex knows the traffic there sucks. There are no two ways about it. 

Trying to get from Point A to Point B can be maddening regardless of the distance you have to travel. That’s why I’ve found the best thing to do is just keep myself occupied (while staying alert, of course). 

And if you’re stuck at a stoplight in Big D, you’re probably going to be there for a while. So, why not take a moment to step out and check on the smoker you’re towing while you wait? 

Apparently, I’m not the only person who sees it that way. The fact that no one is heard honking at him in the video tells me that everyone is perfectly fine with it.


The BBQ game in Texas is SERIOUS business (via @saucy_f1)

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