Look out Texas – there's a toe licker on the loose. 

I’m not judging, mind you. As long as it’s consensual, feel free to lick toes from sunup to sundown. And the recent toe licking that was caught on video appears to be just that. 

I have to hand it to the dude in the below video, though. Some folks would hide their kinky fetishes. Only engage in their freaky desires behind closed doors. But not this guy.

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Oh no. He’s licking them toes right there in front of God and everybody in broad daylight. 

The best part is that when he realizes he’s being filmed, my man just goes right back to work on them toes. Who can blame him? It’s not every day that a woman will hang her foot out the window and let you fulfill your deepest desires. 

As the old saying goes, you do you.

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