If you didn't cast your ballot during early voting, you have one more day to make your vote count!

The candidates have been campaigning for months now and without a doubt you've seen their political signs in neighborhood lawns and the huge ones on the corners of your favorite intersection advertising that they want to represent you in office! Now's the time to make your voice heard, Tuesday, March 6th is when you can cast your ballot to help decide who will hold political office and help decide several highly contested races locally. Polling sites will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

On the ballot will be the Democratic and Republican Primaries, where you get to say who could be holding office as a State Representative or Senator in Washington D.C. along with many other state office positions in addition to county commissioners, district attorney, county courts and other elected positions.

For a list of polling locations, click on your county's name below, if you don't see your county's name listed here you can check the Vote Texas website.  In some cases below, you'll need to click a link to early locations and it will open in a new link or a PDF file could be downloaded that you will need to open.

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