I was thinking about my graduation day after I heard about the story of the boy who "Tebowed" during his graduation ceremony and ended up not receiving his diploma.  Seniors want graduation day to be memorable or have some kind of memorable moment happen. I didn't have to try to make my graduation day memorable, mother nature did that for us!

My graduation ceremony was held outdoors in the football stadium of our cross-town rival.  It was late afternoon and there was a chance of rain, but the faculty went ahead and held the ceremony outdoors instead of moving it to the school.  Moving it back to the school meant we all would have to drive back across town, plus there were not enough seats to accommodate the attendees.

As the ceremony proceeded, the wind started picking up, the clouds were darkening and rolling in but the ceremony proceeded.  When they got to the S names, the lights in the stadium went out, but the PA system still worked! The principal kept calling names by flashlight! I heard my name and walked across the stage in the dark and graduated. Once the names were completed the lights came back on and we were graduates!

Now, to the story that got me to thinking about my graduation day, Fort Myers, FL. senior Chuck Shriner was punished for "Tebowing" during his graduation ceremony.  Chuck took a knee and bowed his head in a prayer pose before receiving his diploma but the principal and faculty didn't find it funny because, according to faculty members, this action could give underclassmen inspiration to do something else during their ceremony in the future.

Shriner's mom is a math teacher at the private school.  She urged the principal to withhold his diploma until some sort of punishment was issued.  The punishment was issued; Chuck had to clean the gym where the ceremony was held once it was over.  Then his mom went to claim his diploma the next day.

Chuck tells TV station WPTV, that his mom "was really mad. But I think it was worth it."

Do you think it was right of the school (or even his mom) to discipline him for doing this during his graduation ceremony?

Did you have anything strange happen to you on graduation day?