Today, my Granny is 100 years young! 

A little about this special lady, she was born in Mounds, Oklahoma, on July 28, 1917. She married my grandfather, Art, in July of 1936. They had three children, my dad is the youngest. They enjoyed a great life together, before my grandfather passed in 1980.

Mandee Montana
Mandee Montana

After he passed, she traveled the world. She's been to Alaska, and crossed the country with friends traveling on tour buses to see America. She also booked trips overseas, and has visited many of Europe's famous sites.

In 1996, she married her second husband. They enjoyed attending church together, traveling, playing dominoes, and most of all dancing! Since he passed last June, she has spent more time with family, played lots of dominoes, and she still loves to dance!

Recently, I asked her to talk about her upcoming birthday, and this is what she had to say.

Family and friends are gathering tomorrow to celebrate her milestone, and I think I might bring her a few snickers bars!

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