Well, I confess some of these "National Days" seem somewhat silly to me. I mean, who needs a "National Day of Jelly Bean Sorting?" Actually, I don't know if that's a real thing, but it could be. There's seems to be a day for everything else. Maybe we should start one? Hmm.

ANYWAY. I am one hundred percent completely on board with "National Coffee Day." Ah, coffee. That aromatic, seductive, life-restoring liquid we hobble half zombie-like to obtain each morning so that we may resume being human and get on with our days.

My particular coffee obsession began as a kid. My dad gave me a sip of his coffee--his was always quite sugared and creamy--and I fell in love. Now, being as I was a child and had semi-responsible parents who loved me, they weren't down with me becoming a daily coffee drinker at the age of eight. However, I discovered coffee ice cream. My world was forever changed. *cue angels singing*

As I got older I discovered my obsession for all kinds of coffee-flavored things, including tiramisu. OMG. *drifts away upon a daydream made of lady-finger sponge clouds while espresso rains from the heavens.*

OK I'm back. As soon as I was able, I began my love affair with coffee immediately. It started simply enough. Some coffee with tons of sugar and cream. It evolved to a more adult balance until finally I started drinking it black. But then, that meant--I had to find GOOD coffee. So I learned more about coffee beans and techniques and espresso and so on.

I love it all.

On top of that, turns out it may be good for us! Oh, wait...is it?! It seems the consensus changes daily. I found this recent article from CNN helpful. Pro-Tip: Give it read while you sip your favorite brew. ;)

[Video sourced from SNL YouTube page]

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