The right Harry Potter fan with deep pockets could score an incredible home just minutes away from NFL action in Minneapolis.

The home is located at 247 10th Ave. in Minneapolis, and often called the 'Harry Potter House' or 'Hogwarts House' due to its unique architecture and design. You can almost imagine the nearby US Bank Stadium hosting the Quidditch World Cup!

Looking through the photos above, you'll see the whimsical staircase, windows and more. The fireplace looks like it could have a bubbling cauldron in it at any moment. It's too bad this home isn't located in Texas... there's an idea for someone.

In an interview with KARE-TV, the owner expressed his desire to allow someone else to take on the creative space.

"I'm ready for somebody else to kind of take this now and curate it," Owner Jeff Arundel said. "There are people who say, 'Well jeez, nothing should get touched here.' And I don't believe that... I believe whoever curates it next should evolve it into whatever it should be next. So I'm just ready for that to happen now."

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