I used to go to Hastings on S. Broadway in Tyler to buy all kinds of music, whether it was on vinyl, cassette or cd or to buy or rent movies this was an entertainment destination for so many Tylerites and East Texans. Sadly, that all ends tomorrow.

Four months ago, Hastings Entertainment filed for bankruptcy and was eventually forced to sell the company because they could not find a suitable party to purchase the failing entertainment giant. A few days after announcing the sale of the company, it was announced that all Hastings retail outlets would be closing. For the past month and a half I've seen the guys on the corner of the Loop and Broadway holding up the going out of business signs for Hastings promoting 50% off to 75% off and now everything in the store today and tomorrow is 90% off according to a press release from Hilco Merchant Resources and Gordon Brothers (owners of Hastings). The Tyler store along with 14 other stores across the nation face the same fate at closing time tomorrow and eventually all other Hastings locations will close too. The S. Broadway store will permanently close Thursday, October 20th.

So if you need some books, video games, music products or fixtures or equipment from the store you have today and tomorrow to purchase it!

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