East Texans are no strangers when it comes to reality shows because we've seen quite a few being shot around the area throughout the years.

Most recently, cameras were following the 'The Radkes' around Lufkin, and their show debuted two weeks ago on the USA Network. Over the years American Idol and The Voice camera teams have been spotted garnering footage for their East Texas contestants. We've had cameras following storage locker auction attendees. Ty Pennington was yelling 'Move that bus' on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition as they remodeled a home in Mineola. We've even had an HGTV Dream Home Built on Lake Tyler!

See when it comes to reality TV, East Texas is no stranger and we welcome all the attention we can get.

KLTV 7's Bob Hallmark reports that later this month TV film crews from Germany will arrive in Hawkins to begin filming a documentary centered on Chief Gilow, who is a German immigrant. The chief says the crews will be following him around town both on and off duty. Also while

Working traffic, answering calls, then they go home with me and have cameras set up."

Both Chief Gilow and the city are excited about this news because they hope it will boost tourism to the city and make Hawkins more know throughout Germany because of thier police chief!

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