My Fiance and I purchased a home in August and there is so much that we want to do but so far it all just seems like there is not a good place to start. Our kitchen cabinets look like they went through several wars. The paint colors that the family before us picked out is just plain bad. There are several botched paint jobs. You can walk into a room and all you see are some patches of really bad paint jobs, this is a theme all throughout our house.

I am overwhelmed by the potential projects that we have in front of us. Not just the projects alone because of the time I know they will require, but also the thought of the money that will be poured into making our house feel like a home. My fiance and I have hopes of hosting family and friend dinners in our home, however, the way our home is looking we will settle for inviting people over when it's later in the evening and there isn't much to notice due to lack of lighting.

To all my friends who are champions of the do it yourself projects, to all those who are not easily influenced by shows like "Fixer Upper" because you know what it really takes to fix up a house, where do we start?

My budget isn't anything to speak of, so this is the reason we are definitely having to do all the labor ourselves. If you have any advice, please throw it my way. We are hoping to have our home ready for display by Thanksgiving.

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