Supergirl understandably wanted to keep the emphasis on its title hero throughout Season 1, rather than risk any potential Superman overshadowing, though the series’ bizarre habit of featuring the character just offscreen had many wondering if TV-movie boundaries came into play. The arrival of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman in Season 2 certainly changes that, though producers say they were actually surprised by Warner Bros. decision to let them use the Man of Steel.

Kreisberg spoke with IGN on the challenges of introducing a new Superman alongside Melissa Benoist’s leading hero, noting that the former’s fame would actually have a significant role in defining their relationship. Even as it was always the intent to introduce Kara’s Super-cousin for real in Season 2, Kreisberg said the real surprise lay in Warner Bros. actually approving their plan:

I think people would love to hear that we had to promise our children and there was a blood right, and a goat was sacrificed, but the truth is we’re all partners, and we all want what’s best and so [introducing Superman] really wasn’t a tough sell. We had our plan, and we presented it to Warner Bros. and to DC and they were totally supportive of it.

It was more once they actually said yes, it was like, ‘Oh crap, now we have to do Superman!’ We have to find the right actor, and we have to write the best scripts. We have to make the suit. That was the stuff that gave us [headaches]. Actually pulling it off. But behind the scenes, everybody at Warner Bros. and DC and the CW, we’re all growing in the same direction.

Kreisberg also acknowledged that introducing Superman made an easy hook for Season 2, whether on CBS or The CW, and leaning into the character’s fame overshadowing Supergirl will form a significant part of the two-episode appearance. “It’s kind of the idea like, yeah, he is more popular than she is. How does she deal with that? That’s our take on that dynamic that’s between them.”

We’ll see for ourselves when Season 2 premieres on October 10 (anytime ya wanna drop that trailer, fellas), but might we see Superman earn a larger place on Supergirl? Is the character best left to minor appearances?

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