Man’s best friend is also bigger here in the great state of Texas. Brittany Davis, who is a resident of North Texas always wanted to own a pet, a Great Dane to be exact. But I don’t think she thought that one day her Great Dane could actually land her as the owner of a pet that happens to be the world's tallest, living dog in the Guinness world record books. Meet Zeus, who is a two-year-old Great Dane that stands at a whopping 3 feet, 5.18 inches.

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Canva / YouTube/Guinness World Record
Canva / YouTube/Guinness World Record

According to CBS News, Zeus is the tallest dog in Texas, and according to his family one of the sweetest. Even though Brittany was very hesitant about how fast Zeus, the Great Dane grew, she instantly fell in love with her baby. The Davis Family knew Zeus was meant to be a part of her family. When you first get a look at Zeus, your first instance could be that he is very intimidating and a little bit scary because of his size. But the family says not only is he loving, but he’s wonderful around small children.  Keep in mind that Zeus himself is still a child or maybe the term should be a "big baby".




Zeus is a big dog who eats big portions, you’re looking at at least 12 cups of Gentle Giant dog food every single day with the occasional fried eggs and bully sticks. But his all-time favorite treat would be ice cubes, Davis says. Zeus gets a lot of attention here in Texas to the point where children even ask if they can ride Zeus like a horse, but the answer is always no. Even though the Great Dane is originally known as a hunting dog in the middle ages, Zeus is well past those days. Zeus lives a life of luxury and has been getting constant attention, and we wouldn’t have it any other way for you big guy.

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