Today is Earth Day, and we can all be part of a virtual walk-run with thousands across the globe to mark the moment.  

Runners have such amazing quads.  I mean, really, guys who run or cycle regularly should post upper leg pictures on the dating apps and that's it, and they would get a record number of matches.  Those legs are something to behold.

I've been running almost every day for six years and I'm falling short of app-winning quads, but the burn is exhilarating.  And exhausting, but mostly exhilarating.  Not only are walking and running great exercise, but they are very green things to do, and anyone in East Texas can walk or run this month to celebrate Earth Day.

The goal of the Earth Day Virtual Challenge is to "crush last year's total of 51,023.592 miles."  The distance around the equator is 24,901 miles, and the goal of the virtual challenge is to see how many times we can collectively run that distance during the month of April.  And it's free.

If you upgrade your registration and you'll get the Earth Day official t-shirt, commemorative medal to humblebrag on social media, and you'll get an eco-friendly stainless steel drinking straw to use when you're sucking down a celebratory margarita after the challenge. That's green too.

Even if you haven't been logging miles all month, it's not too late to hop on.  You can start logging miles today as an Earth Day gift to yourself, and report them on their results page daily or weekly and help with the overall goal.  And tag @virtualrunchallenge and #VRCEarthDayChallenge if you'd like.

Runs and walks are green, they burn a calorie, and they produce amazing quads.  Happy Earth Day!

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