Halloween is here finally and everyone is talking about their favorite horror movies and characters at this time of the year. I'm not a fan of horror myself, don't like gore and murder for the sake of entertainment, not my thing but I understand the appeal for a lot of folks and if you love scary movies, then you need to make your over to Kilgore this week!

The 3rd Annual Kilgore Horror Movie Festival is up and running at the Dodson Auditorium at Kilgore College this week and horror movie fans have already shown up in droves to check out the movies voted on by the general public.

Opening night for the festival was a huge success according to Kilgore College as the school reported its largest crowd in its short history as fans came out in droves to check out the week's first offering "The Meg".

Fans also showed up on Tuesday night to check out the sci-fi monster thriller "Cloverfield".

A different horror movie will be shown each night starting at 7:30 p.m. There will be a matinee set for Saturday afternoon with free popcorn and a concession stand as well. The price is $4 for a single film or $20 for a week pass. Kilgore College students pay $2 per movie and $10 for a week pass.

Here's the rest of the lineup of movies this week:





FRI. OCT. 29TH - The Cabin In The Woods


Saturday Oct. 30th Matinee At Noon - Hocus Pocus


Saturday Oct. 30th @ 7:30 PM - Shaun Of The Dead

Enjoy the "Kil-GORE" Movie Festival this week!

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