If you've never participated in the UT Tyler Patriot Million Dollar Hole in One Event, then let me give you some pointers.

How do I know? I've been volunteering with the Patriot organization that executes the event for the past five years, and I want to give you the inside scoop.

During the week long qualifying event, we invite the public to come and hit as many golf balls as they can afford, at $1 per shot to try and qualify for the finals and hit for $1,000,000. When you buy 25 shots on site, you'll get a bonus 5 for FREE!

Qualifiers are determined by their distance from our pin each day on site, during a given shift. Hitting a Hole-in-One during qualifying rounds, automatically puts you into the finals. The qualifying rounds begin Saturday May, 13, and continue through Saturday, May 20. See the full schedule here.

Bring your golf clubs or don't. Seriously. We have some clubs on site. If you are a golfer, I would suggest bringing your own. You'll be more comfortable, and probably more likely to hit with confidence.


Our distance to the pin varies each day from the tee box to the green during qualifying grounds, but we have it posted on site for your reference.

Ladies, the best times for you to qualify is on Monday and Friday. We have more opportunities, and on Monday we take the lady who is closest to the pin during each shift. We offer a similar opportunity to seniors 65 and older on Friday.

The Friday Night Lights event is another great time to qualify, because we take a qualifier each hour beginning at 7 pm and ending at 11 pm.

The qualifiers will then meet at Hollytree Country Club on Sunday, May 21, to take their one shot for the prize! Three holes will be cut into the green. Each pin will represent a different prize. What's up for grabs?

$1,000,000 could be won if someone hits the ball in that hole with a single stroke, but someone could also win a new Cadillac or $25,000.

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