Most of us want our yards to look nice which means breaking out the lawn mower from time to time. And there are plenty of hours in the day to get your yard mowed. But let's be honest, in Texas, that summer heat doesn't always make mowing a desirable duty in the middle of the day.

So that means for many of us it's a balance of either doing it early in the morning or in the evening before it gets dark outside. For those of us who don't have next door neighbors, we can feel free to mow anytime we want. But what about those who live in the city and have someone living next door and across the street?

Are there times where it's illegal to mow?

How Early Can You Legally Mow In Texas?

There is no state law on how early is too early to mow. In the eyes of the State of Texas, you can break out that mower as soon as the sun rises, or if you have enough lights, even before the sun is up. But that's according to state law.

The city you live in may feel different. Different cities across Texas have ordinances deal with loud noises and general nuisances. Of course, this doesn't mean the police will haul you off if you are mowing.

The general rule of thumb it seems is that after 7am, you are in the clear. You could still annoy a neighbor, but that might be a discussion you and a neighbor have at some point. In Texas, most people get it. It's hot and no one wants to mow in the middle of the day.

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Just use commonsense and be a good neighbor.

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