It's supposed to be "the most wonderful time of the year" right? Just now I was snapped at by my loving mother to help her in the kitchen. Why does everyone get so stressed out over this stuff? Shouldn't everyone be enjoying their day off of work and each others company. So in honor of this season I am dedicating this post to all the lost souls who just want to survive.

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    As I am typing this out I am sipping on the most delightful Bloody Mary. Alcohol is a great equalizer when it comes to family engagements. You must tread lightly on the booze and not go overboard. What was once your relaxing friend might make the monster inside come out for a visit.    Here is my recipe for my Bloody Mary:

    • Vodka
    • Bloody Mary mix (we used Mr&Mrs T's)
    • Pinch of Celery Salt
    • Pinch of Season Salt Ice

      So first off throw some ice in a shaker with 2 jiggers of vodka. Shake the mess out of it. Next, fill up your cup halfway with ice and Mr&Mrs T's. Pour in the vodka and fill it another 1/4 with the yummy Mr&Mrs T's. Now add the celery and pepper spices. Take time to stir up the concoction. Top off the glass with a little more mix and drop in a celery stick if you are feeling fancy. Enjoy!

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    There is a reason why our parents turned on the t.v. when were little. Plain and simple, it shut us up. So if you are in a room with screaming toddlers throw on your favorite holiday film and share it with the younger generation. Here is my favorites  

    • How The Grinch Stole Christmas
    • Jingle All The Way
    • A Christmas Carol (Muppet version)
    • National Lampoon: Christmas Vacation

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    Dishes pile up very quickly when there are a people working in the kitchen. It is a horrible by-product but there is no way around it. You will look like a freaking saint if you help everyone out by being the honorary dish washer. Sure your hands will be looking like prunes but guess who will be looking like a rock star... YOU

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    Here are topics to avoid:

    • Politics
    • Religion
    • Child rearing
    • Quality of food
    • Medicinal ailments
    • Family faux pas

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    Avoid Competitions

    Backyard football might seem innocent. Anytime honor is on the line tensions run very high. Do you remember your bigger cousin taking a cheap shot just so he could score a touch down... I do. Since then I have been very careful around people who are aggressive and are out for blood. It also needs to be said that Trivia Pursuit can get just as catty.

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