When I was little playing in the front yard and heard the ice cream truck music coming out of that little horn speaker, my friends and I would rush to the curb to get our frozen treat on a stick. Our ice cream truck drivers were always friendly, but if I had these two clowns coming down my street today, I'd have second thoughts!

Apparently, this particular ice cream truck route is heavily contested between two competing ice cream truck drivers. Residents in Blackburn, England, caught the action of the warring ice cream truck drivers on video. The war is going on between Mr. Yummy and Mr. Whippy -- NICE! -- and it all turned ugly when one smashed out the passenger window with a tire iron, then the chaos ensues.

According to the Lancashire Telegraph, Mr. Whippy and Mr. Yummy have been fighting over this particular route for months. Mr. Whippy told the paper,

I have been established in Blackburn for 12 years and I am really popular with my customers. Over the last few months, this Mr. Yummy, has been following me around, chiming outside the allotted times and muscling in on my patch.”

Check out the video of their turf war below.