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It's something we all do in Texas and across the world, grocery shopping. Some people love making the weekly or semi-weekly trip to the grocery store while others loathe the chore of fulfilling the mighty grocery list. Thanks to apps now a lot of people go grocery shopping on their phone and then drive up to get their groceries. Me, I don't mind making the trip to the store. You might discover something new on the shelves when you wouldn't when you use an app.

No matter how you get your groceries in East Texas, there is one thing that we shoppers notice - the price of groceries has been on the rise over the past few years and there's no sign of them coming down anytime soon. With higher grocery prices, we're constantly looking for sales or trying out different stores to see if there is indeed a price difference.

Lucky for East Texas grocery shoppers, there is a less expensive store to shop at.

You can guess now which store has the least expensive prices on groceries in East Texas. You might be responding with Brookshire's, Walmart, Kroger, Natural Grocers, Sprouts, Super 1 Foods, Albertson's, Skinner's, and maybe another store, but apparently they are not the least expensive.

The least expensive groceries in the nation come from a grocery store that charges you a quarter to use their shopping carts and allow their cashiers to sit on stools as they scan your products.


Aldi has the least expensive groceries in the nation and East Texas according to a MarketForce Information's 2023 U.S. Grocery Benchmark study. The top 7 grocery stores with the least expensive groceries were published in U.S. News & World Report and of the seven, only Aldi is in East Texas.

Texas has 126 Aldi locations with 5 locations in East Texas:

  • Tyler (2)
    200 SSW Loop 323
    2660 E. Front St.
  • Longview
    1725 W. Loop 281
  • Paris
    3518 Lamar Ave.
  • Mt. Pleasant
    2306 S. Jefferson Ave.

Apparently, when it comes to saving money on grocery shopping, we should be checking out at Aldi.

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EDIT: This was originally published August 17, 2023.

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