There is a phenomenon sweeping the nation of which you may not be aware. In fact, you might even find the very concept of this trend totally uncool. What I’m talking about is the explosion of meat substitutes that have become available not only in our grocery stores, but even as options at restaurants--both fast food and sit down dining.

So, here's the thing: I've had interest in this trend for awhile since we've been leaning a bit more plant-strong for years now. However, I've never been a big consumer of these substitute meat options, rather I've preferred a great bean burger. Plus, some of the options I've tried in the past were a bit...meh. However, the sophistication of these products has increased tremendously. It's getting less important that a cow was involved at all.

One of the various companies making the headlines in this endeavor is Beyond MeatI've personally tried and enjoyed their products, and have been surprised at the quality. You can enjoy it in a variety of options from burger patties, crumbled "meat" for spaghetti or tacos, and even sausage. Impossible Foods also offers plant-based options and you can even get an Impossible Burger at Burger King. 

So, why you may be asking, would we want to eat "meat" made from plants? Well, the Impossible Burger site shares the research that shows plant-based foods have "only a tiny fraction of the environmental impact of meat from cows." Other concerns include the saturated fat levels in beef and/or animal welfare.

In the past, this hasn't been motivating for many people who are just going about their daily lives and aren't plugged in to these particular issues since they've so many other things to worry about. However, now that the taste has improved, and probably will continue to do so--AND the fact that these products are becoming more easily accessible--there's a good chance more people will give it a try.

How about you? Would you try a plant-based burger? Why or why not?

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